What does turret or hull level actually do?

9thterminator 3 years ago • updated by tomx29 2 years ago 4

I noticed that my turrets and hulls level up, but the stats don't change, what are these levels meant to do?

I think that the stats should increase slightly after they level up, but not as much as they would increase if you spent crystals upgrading them.

Cheaper MUs. When your MU level is lower than you turret/hull/paint level, then the MU becomes cheaper. When you buy a new turret. the MU is 200. When the turret levels up, the MU is now 50.


now it is no more, not even for a higher price, possible to upgrade above mastery

P.S. They do that so the players that actually play on said turret/hull get a discount over the players that just scam the upgrade button.

The mastery levels reflect how much you have played with that given equipment. Like the ranks represent how much experience you earned in total.

All equipment can ony be upgraded as many levels as it has mastery levels.