Shock Elemental.

Katerzis 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 2

This Turret shoot with unstable power blackcolour clot.It's is a Splitting Shell.When the shell hit the Tank,Tank covered with ash,and his health gradually fades.It means,that the gun doesn't engage damage immediately,per secund,but like a poison,poisons the Tank gradually.

Peradventure:Light Tank-3 second,Heavy Tank-9 second,Medium-5 seconds.

If shell got into the tank, the enemy Isis is not able to cure him, the repair kit also will not save. This should be only cannon that can not be rescued by the Repair Kit or Isis,by idea.

The clot flies rather slowly, but it is able to pursue the enemy such long time.

The clot self-destroy,when the player was distrcuted.

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