Spawn Bug

F.R.E.E.D.0.M 3 years ago • updated by anonymous 3 years ago 6

I was playing Tanki X and trying out how Silence TDM would look and just as my battle finished, I saw a Massacre DM with 4 people in it and right now 4 people in one battle is a big thing so I joined it but little did I know that my tank didnt spawn. So, I left and rejoined but the same happened.Also, I tried leaving it as it is, in the hope that I will be spawned but nothing happened. Frustated, I went to Sandbox and the same happened.
I checked out others maps and I spawned in rest all the maps i.e Silence, Rio and Kungur.
I think it's probably a bug

Yep, massive bug. I think it is caused by someone leaving a battle before the game restarts.

Same here, but repeatedly. Reinstalled the client, still don't spawn...

Same problem here. I've reported it several times, but obviously it is still around, and a work in progress. We'll have to hang in and see what happens.

That battle been running for four days now. No update to battle, same players. It is a display bug.

Try starting up and playing in windowed mode.

Probably this isn 't the fix, but it could be worth to try it.

^ I Tried that but it seems i can't spawn.. just the scene with moving grass and sounds.