Super idea about new gun in tanki x!

stalin00 2 years ago • updated by Ace_of_Sp4des 2 years ago 1

Hello dear developers! That's all thinking and thinking about a new gun in the tanks x, which you plan to add in the future. And I had a super idea! Why copy guns "rocket launcher" and "artillery" from tanks online if you can come up with and develop your own original cannon. This will be a kind of synthesis rocket launcher and artillery, with a sight similar to the world of tanks.

I propose a gun to call "Blaster" (from English blast - to blow up). The gun will have six welded trunks, which form a circle. Naturally, these rockets will take off rockets, but not all at once, but one at a time, as the trunks are untwisted clockwise (analogous to a volcano). The gun will not fall below 45 degrees, ie the trajectory of all the rockets will go along the arc. How to aim? The sight will be a green cross. It can be aimed at from the top view, but to get more precise, it is necessary to be reduced. The mix will be a green dotted line. Not all missiles can hit the target, but they will have a big splash. The blaster will have a certain range, and the altitude of the missile's flight along the arc will be certain, ie it will not be possible to completely hide behind the tall building and from there "to shoot".
How do you like my idea? Is it possible?