Finetunes needed

atharvakale343 3 years ago • updated 1 year ago 4

Isida sound sucks and is very irritating, when you move your turret the background look laggy and tanki online is way more optimised and fine tuned and playing is so much more fun. Tanki X is over illuminated. There are some bugs to fix. The game needs to be much more stable before the open test


I have to ask what do you expect, it's a brand new game? Of course it's not as fine tuned as TO, which has been around for years, and this one is only in its infancy. Give it time, I'm sure they will "fine tune" it.

I agree with Lookoutthereiam, I am sure they will adjust as they have done several times in TO.

Dear player please note that the game is currently under closed beta stage and some features are to be added . What you are seeing in the closed beta may be modified or completely removed . There may be unknown and known bugs . Thank you for understanding .

Now, its much better 2 years later :)