Modules New Specialties

bebo321 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 0

Disclaimer: These ideas aren't perfect, they're purpose is to inspire new specialties ideas, and not be exactly how mentioned.

Well done with the new specialities, here's some notes that might inspire you

- Smoke Shell: remember it? http://en.forum.tankix.com/topic/1522-new-supply-smoke-shellgrenade/

- Timed mines (Explode on your command) with splash damage.

- X-Ray; shows a box at the top right which is basically a minigame, but this minimap doesn't show the map, it shows dots and squars, which are, green dots for teammates, red dots for enemy, and dropboxes and flags, also it will do an outline of enemy tanks (A line on the outline of the structure, red color) if they are behind anything, it also outline dropboxes with their own color, this includes outline on goldboxes too which will be like the main advantage probably, it also shows enemy's HP and if they have any abilities on. (This xray thing could actually be included with the crosshair, or vise versa). Also if enemy is coming at you from the sides/back (close to you) it will show a red arrow at the side of your screen according to which side your enemy is coming from (Right/left).

-Boiling Oil: Basically drops oil behind you while moving, of course only for a minimum of time, the oil remains even if you die, it remains for a specific time. Oil makes enemy tanks slide uncontrollably on it, with a chance of taking damage while on it for every X seconds.

-Shield bubble: When summoned it will be a bubble around your tank only, it's size is very specific and exactly fits your tank, if you move out of the shield it breaks and fades automatically, the shield has a certain HP and a certain Time, if it's HP is low and about to end, it starts cracking, and when it's HP is 0 it of course breaks and fades, or if it's usage time is over, it will break and fade too. Of course the shield will not allow any enemy bullets to hit you, instead they'll hit the shield which lowers it's HP, and spidermines are still able to enter your shield, also enemy hitting the shield with their tank (Crashing into the shield) does actually crack the shield (take out some of it's HP), and that changes according to which hull is crashing into the shield, so mammoth would do most damage.

These are the ideas that I already had, I just finished watching the new Developers diary, and thought of just throwing these here.
Thanks for reading.