Quiting broken

Mineturtle_XYZ 3 years ago updated by SHOAIB 3 years ago 15

Whenever I quit the game via presiing the quit button i get a windows message saying tanki.exe has stopped working it happens everytime. But when i go back into the game its fine.

well, same happens to me for not that long, maybe something went wrong during the update


Please provide the game logs.

i have pasted it onto paste bin as requested

Can you share your system specifications as well?

yes i have intel 520 graphics i5 core 8gb ram and windows 10

That's good. Try this:

  1. Backup the tankiX_Data folder.
  2. Uninstall the game.
  3. Download and reinstall it from here.
  4. Replace the new tankix_Data folder with the existing backup and delete the output_log.txt file.

Tell me if it helps.

is there another way? could it maybe resolved in a future patch?

This is not a bug in the game. It's at your end.

so its not going to stop

can i uninstall it without backing up?


I HAVE GOOD NEWS! Issue seems to have resolved itself and Tanki x is working as usual. Thank you for your support anyway, I will use your steps if the issue re-occurs. Thanks.

Glad to hear!