Not a bug

Crash Report

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Not a bug

It seems you don't have a considerable GPU in your system.

i cant find the file it showed me when the game crashed in "tankix_data" folder there is only update folders.

Can you provide a screenshot of this folder?

Not a bug

It seems you don't have a considerable GPU in your system.

what can i do?

Buy a new computer or graphics card

Did you try medium graphics? That's the recommended for your card

Yes I did and I even tried the minimum graphics

Do you know if your drivers are up to date

They are upto date

From the log it looks like you couldn't even load it, what exactly happened?
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I was in silence map suddenly the game video was off but i can still listen to the voices so I closed the whole game alt+F4 then copied my output log and sent it to here

Your case appears to be different, even though they are both crashes. Your system has an appropriate graphics card while this topic's owner does not. I suggest making a separate topic and reposting your log there for better help.

Did ya see in ROCKDOWNs Log ? -->

Error: Could not resolve host: tankix.com

UnityHTTPAppender: Could not resolve host: graylog.tankix.com

Did tah happens everytime or just in his log ?

So could be networking trouble so tankix could not load what needed ?

He opend seperate --> http://echo.tankix.com/topics/6046-game-crash/

Yeah I looked and told him to make a new topic because it's a waste of time here