Isida ammunition

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Twins/Railgun/Firebird/Freeze all of them have Ammunition, why not Isida too?
Isida is unique because it has 2 firing forms, Friendly healing which is blue galaxical color, and Enemy damaging which is orange galaxical color.
Isida could also have ammunition mixes but the one rule has to apply to all of them: It must be visible and understandable which color is for Friendly healing and which is for Enemy damaging, and that could be identified pretty easily with Bright colors and Dark colors/Redish colors.
So for example for mixes: 1. Healing: White galaxical color. Damaging: Black galaxical color (This would be for X-crystals).
2. Healing: Green galaxical color. Damaging: Red galaxical color (Normal crystals).
3. Etc, there could be a lot of mixes, take a look on this wikipedia post, it shows all colors starting from letters A-F, so there's even more colors than that list alone https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_colors:_A–F <--
But here's a "side-idea": instead of buying the ammunition for each 2 colors together (Healing/damaging) the future could be added solo for each color so you can do your own mixes but of course the colors must be easily understandable if damaging or healing, this could make it more cosmetic and opens more color options.
----- Thanks for reading!
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like white for healing and black for damage would be pretty cool