New supply: Smoke shell/grenade

bebo321 3 years ago 0

I posted this a while ago on forum and it blew up. (copy-paste)

With the new abilities with TX, it would fit to have a smoke effect.

The supply it self is a smoke grenade or a smoke shell, when activated it will deploy clouds of smoke.

If you have Red-Crystal you can buy customized smoke colors, the default should probably be Light-gray or white, different colors should be only purchased with Red-Crystals, that would bring more things for donors which supports the game industry.

The smoke of course gives you a cover but same time blinds you or blind enemy, would be effective if you were colliding with multiple enemies.

It would be cool to have some small gun-pump that shows up on the turret/hull and shots the shell when you activate the supply. ( just like how the laser-pump shows up for shaft when going into sniper-mode).

Colored smoke would be really cool and fabulous looking:

Image result for smoke grenade tumblr

A side idea for the smoke grenade/shell: I was thinking that if you just press the key and activate it, then you'd drop it on you, but if you hold the key then it would be thrown away, when you hold it a bar will show up for "Charging throw", when it gets full the shell gets thrown further,or instead of a bar you can use the supply box to show the charging throw on it, like a line that goes up or such,I am not sure if this is possible but it just a side idea- you can go different ways with this aspect.

Another: What if freeze/firebird blew in the smoke? would that make the smoke move or extend? or even get colorish?

I am not sure about how long the cool-down should be, it depends how this smoke-clouds will play and their size.

From the feedback and the comments -Extra notes that could be interesting or helpful:
- The opacity shouldn't be too high, maybe somewhere between medium and high.
- Colorish smoke shouldn't be too light-bright color.
- Cooldown could be: - Activated incase there's smoke activated nearby, this prevents having a part of the battlefield spammed with smoke.
- Maybe one time use each life.

Edit-Note: A lot of people have extra ideas for this in the comments.
( Forum: http://en.forum.tankix.com/topic/1522-new-supply-smoke-shellgrenade/ )