360 Spectator mode

bebo321 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 2

Pretty straight forward suggestion:

360'camera mode for spectator mode, with a press of a button your spectator screen becomes 360'.
I personally would love watching videos in 360 for Tanki X. It would make watching Tanki-X battles more enjoyable, it could be even used in E-sports when it comes. I don't want to add more to this post ^_^.
( Forum: http://en.forum.tankix.com/topic/1937-360-spectator-mode/ )

You mean like the VR compatability stuff like on youtube?

Yes, players watching the video will be able to move around (by using keyboard)
Or if they have VR then they can use it to get the real engagement.
It will be really fun and more engaging.