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Disclaimer: Before reading and sharing your opinion please consider that my suggestions might be super-far-future-based and not on the present day of the development stage of Tanki x.

Also please consider that this is just an idea, it doesn't have to be developed, and even if it was developed it doesn't have to be exactly how mentioned here, the goal of this is to inspire ideas out of it, it's not about the idea it's about what it can inspire.
Please make sure to read the whole post, every single bit, before doing any judges.

I know it's a bit long but believe me it's worth it, trust me on that.
If we think about the current battles as Ranked battles, then Minigames mode would basically be the Unranked/custom.
Before we get into the technical stuff (How these battles can be created and joined) let's talk about the fun side of this.
Minigames could include games like; (I won't get into details for each minigame)
1. Co-op survival: where 4 players try to survive waves of tanks.
2. Flip'em: Players will be equipped with Twins and Wasp, the goal is to flip other players, no damage is dealt, the last standing tank surviving is the winner. (Could work with Hammer too)
3. Save the gold: Two teams, the map would be filled with one team's mines automatically, both teams can use supplies infinitely, there would be a gold box (Shouldn't give any crystals in this game, could be changed to other box or just fake gold box) the team that has the mines automatically set spawns next to that box and can not break/take the box, the goal is to defend the gold box until time ends, the other teams goal is to of course get the box before time ends.
4. Speedy: It's basically a race, of course the map should be perfectly dedicated for a race, there could be different modes where players can shot each other and where players can not shot each other and different modes for equipment but the basic one would be also Twins+Wasp.
5. Kickout (Or Dropout): Similar to Flip'em but the goal is to push players out of the map, the map would be of course very very small and have to be edgy from all sides so you can push others out, and it would contain almost no structures (Just a thought; players wouldn't be able to shoot in this minigame, it's more about pushing).
6. Etc, I think you get the idea.

Now this is pretty cool of course it's literally minigames, the thing is, these are unranked (Custom battles) they do Not gain you any rank XP or Mastery XP or Crystals.
Now this post can go forever I am pretty sure of that, so I will try to mention main points and keep away the average points.
- Achievements: As I said you don't earn anything in minigames, but well except Achievements, you win achievements, and they can reward you with crystals sometimes or even rare items, depends on how hard it is, for example in Survival minigame, reaching wave 20 will achieve an achievement, and it could reward you like 100 crystals, while reaching Wave 100 which is Super hard could reward you even a special graffiti, or special paint, of course stuff like that must be one of the hardest achievements.
Now for the technical side, a special ~thing~ that you pay to play a minigame with others, in other words like Energy that you use up everytime you play a minigame, the way this energy is refilled is by playing Normal battles or like achieving your 2 daily missions. And it refills every 24 hour.
It doesn't have to be energy, it could be like Crystal Energy Oh Yeah! That sounds way cooler, that could be what is produced by the crystals in west prime factory.
There's always a percentage in Crystal Energy, that once reached you cant get anymore Crystal Energy, for example: if percentage is 10, and you haven't played any minigames, so you have 10/10 Crystal Energy,then you played a minigame that used 1 Crystal energy, you are left with 9/10, you play normal battles and get kills and achieve what is required to get crystal energy and lets say you got 3 crystal energy, still the value would reach 10/10 only, doesn't go higher than that. Remember this is an EXAMPLE the value doesn't have to work like this or be like this but there always should be a percentage on how much it can reach.
Why? So that players don't just play minigames and forget the value of normal battles and XP and Crystals and to keep the focus on normal battles as the main gameplay.
Joining a minigame would cost Crystal Energy as I mentioned, but creating a minigame room costs way more.
But-So how are these minigames battles found and how are they created?
In the battle list there will be to tabs above the battles picture. First tab is of course the normal battles which could be named Mastery, Normal, but please do not name them "Ranked battles" that would influence wrong information due to how ranked battles work in other games which is actually not that cool of a system in those other games.
Second tab would be the Minigames or Co-op. - A very important note I must add here, if Custom battles are going to be added then Minigames could be in custom battles system but if you consider that then I must disagree here's why; Minigames works way differently than custom battles and both are very expandable from features and modes and options, right now all we know that there will be Private battles but there's a lot of people saying that Custom battles will make it in eventually so I am not sure yet if it's going to be added but if then I suggest keeping it as a different thing from Minigames.
And so there could be a third tab Custom battles, but that's a different topic.
Another note, I really want a tab special just for "Friends"; battles that your friends are in, includes all kind of battles like minigames too. >Why? I'll explain that in an other secondary suggestion post (Will link it here after Edit). Or Minigames could be another tab on the main main menu under Battles, lol, it depends if the developers are going to change how the battle list shows for the current battles in the future.
The next part is How are these minigames created/joined?
After that you pressed on Minigames tab, you will find minigames list just like normal battles, these minigames are created by other people, the server does not create them automatically like the normal battles list.
You know the battles' list is shown like pictures of the map, the first picture in the minigames would not be battle, but it would say Create Room, or something familiar, so pressing on that will open to you a new page about creating your own minigame, now here there would be a new style of a menu created, it would have tons of options for Minigames, and their options and the map. But before going to that page, after that you pressed Create Room, you will be shown two options on screen, one Public room, the other; Private room. (I'll explain why later).
Each minigame can have different modes and maps and tons of different options (I will give an example of all that later on in the post), most minigames will of course require specially made maps for them, but it doesn't have to be that fancy and it won't be that hard in my opinion since it doesn't require that much thought that goes into a map for balance like when its for normal battles, but of course it would be so cool. (Will also give an example of that later on).
If you are creating a public room; there would be the option to Open room, by default it's closed, in other words you can Open the room even before you are done choosing the options of the game, meaning that players will be able to join while you are choosing options but you can't not change minigame after that it's open, and the option to open the room (If it's public of course) only is available after you choose the minigame.
How's this possible? how can they join before it starts? As I mentioned before, when you press create room you will be sent to a new page with a new menu and UHD,
Basically in that page you will have something like this (This is just an example!):
Yes there will be chat, since when you create room you actually created like a battle but it still hasn't started.
Now I kept saying I will explain stuff later about multiple stuff, and it's time for that, finally we are at the very important part of all of this, Economy:
This whole thing -Minigames- is of course a very expandable flexible thing, you can add more minigames, and within the minigames you can add more modes, and within the modes you can add more maps, and you can add many options for each minigame.
In my opinion reaching higher ranks will open new minigames, but the main focus should be on normal battles, minigames should be always considered as a side thing but a very fun thing and economical thing, this is why I suggested the "Crystal Energy" before and a percentage for it.
So since you can add more and more minigames and way more options maps modes to it, then of course the features that can be only for X-Crystals are a lot, and some minigames could be just for X-Crystals, players who do not have that minigame purchased (opened) won't be able to join the room.
So let me make this clear again, Main minigames will open according to your rank, others are only purchasable; some are for Blue Crystal, and some are for X-Crystal.
And also another thing I want to make clear, Creating a room will cost Crystal Energy, and there's two options to go with, Create a room in Private, or Public,
Now creating it "Private" option isn't open by default, you must pay X-crystals to open it but even upon opening it; creating a room in first place will still cost Crystal Energy and it costs way more crystal energy than joining a room. And so thats another economical thing. If you haven't got it yet; private battles are basically where no one can join and it doesn't show in the list, the only way someone can join is by inviting him and he must be on your friendlist.
Now Crystal Energy, I think it's pretty obvious how they will boost the economy, basically you can buy crystal energy by X-crystals, and so thats another big economical thing, since Crystal Energy gets used fast for playing minigames by either joining one or making your own.
By the way when the minigame battle is over everyone who's in the battle gets kicked and the room closes, so they need to spend more crystal-energy to play or create another room.
So we've mentioned a lot of economical things here, let's make a list now how X-crystals can be used in this whole thing:
-Purchasing Minigames.
-Purchasing Special options for specific Minigames.
-Purchasing secondary(other) maps for specific Minigames.
-Purchasing Private mode for creating rooms.
-And most important of all, Purchasing Crystal-Energy, because this doesn't end you just keep consuming it and so more purchases - and then again consuming - buying- consuming.
I've mentioned that I will give an example on different options and modes and maps for minigames, to keep it simple let's choose one of the minigames that we showed at the start, lets take "Kickout":
The default map would be a circular shape, no structures, maybe a hole in the middle too, so people can fall in the middle or at the outside edge of the circle.
Default equipment would be a Titan (If you didn't know Titans pushing-force is the strongest) that has speed all time and it's UL should be lets say UL50?
Modes, there would be 2 types, Alone.
Now here's other options that could open by ranking up or purchasing with X-crystals (This is just some ideas, there's way more stuff that can be as options)
Other maps, this is obvious, no need to explain more, but I'd like that the special X-crystals maps should contain something special which attracts players to purchase them, very doable.
Other options, of course different equipment and different UL (UpgradeLevel) Who doesn't want to try the UL100 option, a lot of people would pay x-crystals for that, even me who isn't even a donor. Or Mammoth kickout minigame.
Other Modes: Well I can't think of any for Kickout minigame because it's not that expandable from modes side, but there could be also Teams mode.
Now one last thing we should consider, how much players can join a single minigame room? I think 4 is the right choice, but rooms of 6 could be an option that can be bought with X-crystals, more economy features!
However if someone who does not have the option of 6 players purchased and tries to join a minigame of 6 players, he CAN join it, because it would be harder for the owner of the room to get 6 players who have that option purchased.
Before we reach the ending part, I also want to note out that the main focus of this post is how Minigames would work especially economically, ideas for minigames are easy to figure out in my opinion, especially for special minigames that are for X-crystals like UL200 equipment or such, if this post get's a lot of approval then I might make minigames suggestions follow up for it.
Edit: Some minigames could let the player earn something
This is the ending part, I just want to say there's a lot of stuff I can add to this topic but the main points themselves are too long, I don't want to write a novel, just remember:
"There's a lot more that can be added to this, remember it doesn't have to be like this, what I am giving here are just ideas, my goal is to inspire ideas with my suggestions."
Also I want to mention Crystal-Energy could be used in other stuff too like Custom battles, and that would be perfect unlike TO pro pass phffftt.
Also please do not include any missions for Minigames, remember minigames does not gain Rank xp or mastery xp or crystals, missions should only stay focused on normal battles but they could reward you Crystal-Energy besides they're rewards, and that could be the way on how to gain some Crystal-Energy besides it refills every 24 hour.
Thanks for reading! Don't forget to vote! ;)
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