Black Hull Green Turret

Gpo2001 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 9

Since the christmas update i have found quite a few of these

Found another

Yeah, I've been seeing that too.

I havnt seen them since the 20/12/16 update

This seems to have been fixed since the first update after christmas/newyears update

Mark Fixed Shoaib :)

Under review

I've also seen it.

That was one of the problem I faced during the Beta-Stage of the game.

Это не баг это скины у корпуса есть скин а у пушки нет!!!

It is a bug, and It has already been fixed. Stop reviving this please.

Это ошибка, и она уже исправлена. Перестаньте воскрешать это, пожалуйста.