Weather Changes

bebo321 2 years ago • updated by person120 2 years ago 2

We've seen "Night-mode" in tanki online, but since there's many abilities with TX, I hope it would be able to handle the following suggestions,

Having a weather element in battles, in simple words, the weather and daytime changes overtime in battles, but this does require a lot of work, to break it up:

- Daytime-Cycle: So that if you start the match on sunny-time, overtime it gets to evening then night, which is basically night-mode, how ever this requires real time graphics and light effect changes, and to avoid this you can do the following:

Have first round of the battle as Sunny, next round could be evening, third round night, fourth round dawn or morning, or just break it up for Day and Night modes, some people might not like this so I am not sure.

Or you can go the fabulous way but it requires a lot of work, the hard way: building in "sun" as 3d graphic texture in the sky that cycles, and then moon comes up, this would require a lot of work for lighting and such, thats why its the hard way.

- Weather-changes: such as

Clear weather (Already is in the game)

Foggy weather; not sure how foggy it should be.

Dust-storm; Iran map..

A bit rainy-cloudy; might require textures for the sky "Cloudy-mode"

Heavy rain

Heavy rain and lightning (+Thunder), lighting would have a chance to "hit" the battlefield, can damage tanks? make turret move crazy for a bit? but most of the time lightning doesn't hit the battlefield so only thunder plays, but could also have "Lightning-light-effect" as sky going electric-blue for a milli-second.

Snow, Snow-Storm (Heavy-Snow)
Some weather-modes wouldn't fit to some maps, for example you cant have snow for Iran map, it more fits with dust-storm.

This is a fraction of ideas for weather, each of these weather styles can have different lighting effects, particle effects, or even get your tank dusty with dust-storm..,
Also storms/heavy-storm, could make the tanks move slightly, would be most fair to use on DM than team matches.
Also sky-changes, clouds-movement, effects on hull-turret movement, overall this is very "expandable-concept" so as I said you can go with this the easy way which is just start match in this style or the hard way which means weather changes with graphical lighting effect and maybe gameplay/movement effects.
If you went with this the easy way, these weather-modes should be rare, so its a rare chance to start a match with one of these weather-modes.
If you went with this the hard way (Daytime cycle with weather changes) please make sure to include rainbows after rain..just..rainbows.. double rainbow rarest thing ever?
And rare stuff like bloodmoon?

I feel like I can continue to the morning writing this, I have lot of ideas for it but it would require a lot of work, I bet you now who's reading this are getting a lot of ideas about it too, as I said its a very expandable-concept.
Pretty sure this will be denied because it requires a lot of work, at least they'll add night-mode like in TO.

Thanks for reading- have a good one!


I totally agree with you. They would be great. I've thought about these things for a long time now, and I might have even suggested some of them a long time back, either here, or in the Forum, but certainly not with your amount of detail.

All we can do is keep our fingers crossed, and hope for the best, but I suspect they are a long way down the road, if at all.


I really do like the idea, but I think that with the rain it should just be very foggy, and everything would look all wet.