missing red crystals

meanoldfart5 2 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 1 year ago 7

yesterday i completed a week (7) wins and before i completed it i had 50 red crystal groups, after completing the weeks event i should have 105 red crystal groups. but i got nothing, i have completed each one since it started. but last week which ended yesterday i received nothing. please fix but ....... wondering if i should try again until it is fixed.


Did you claim your reward?

no see picture >>>>> was 50 before should be 105

yes >>> but nothing came up to claim  but air


This issue/topic is too old for us to handle. :)

that is todays picture from 17:00 usa time 12/17/2016


Did you complete it on 7th day and pressed Claim the Reward button?

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