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it keeps crashing

look at the video

Give us your system specs. And provide your Game Log.

You see the Game Log? It is underlined, it is a link to provide instructions on how to get a game log. In case you still don't understand, here it is: http://echo.tankix.com/topics/1745-how-to-get-the-game-logs/

If you need your system specs, here are some instructions for Windows 7.

1. Click on the "start" menu, and find something labeled "computer" and right click on it.

2. Select "properties" and the second and third lines provide the system's processor and memory specifications.

Copy and paste those lines here.

if i'm not mistaken that looks like Windows XP and Tanki-X appears to have a Mono component present. the 2 (Windows XP and Mono) don't play well together...

sorry i dont understand

Windows XP doesn't has this desktop background..

Seems like Win 7: typical Win 7 desktop

look those round corners on

and its windoes 7


Please provide the output_log.txt file.