Clan color-paint

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Before I talk about the suggestion I'd like to point out something to the staff,

Please if you have information about the clans do inform us, I've seen a lot of people having suggestions for it including me, so before developing it you probably should make a post about it and you might hear some interesting ideas, hopefully.
With Antaus being blue and Frontier being red, why not players' clans have default color or paint too? (besides clans logos that would be on the tank is already confirmed as planned).
Clan leaders would have the option to choose a color (paint) for their clan, some colors would be for free, some would cost X-crystals.
You might say there wouldn't be enough colors to have diversity, I say you're wrong, look how many colors there could be added (press on the link)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_colors:_A–F (Each one is different from the other, there's tons of colors).
As I said some will be free and some will cost X-crystals.
When the leader buys a color paint, it will be added to all the clan's member and the paint's name would be their clan's name.
That's the basic idea, it adds a big cosmetic boost for donors.
But let's look how we could add even more to this idea, however will of course cost more development, so they are just side-ideas to add up:
-Multiple colors: split the paint into pieces, for example it could be half bright blue and half light blue or half yellow and half orange, and that could be from the front of the tank and the back of the tank or from the bottom of the tank and the top of the tank or the hull and the turret, so it could be split in different shapes, or even more than just 2 shapes or some special shapes, of course this stuff will cost X-crystals, and you can go with this so far but I do not suggest making it too epic because that would kill the value of rare paints like the halloween paint, so I suggest keep it normal colors with obvious split shapes, unless you want to make some that costs a lot of X-crystals which would be a boost for the economy.

-Special effects: Similar to the split paint, but instead it's not an obvious split shapes but more of a special add on the paint, for example black circles on the paint (like the Dalmatian dog- google it).
However I find this very special, and don't really like it because I do think it would kill the value of rare paints, but I'm just putting out ideas, so I'd also point out that the special effects should be not that "wow" like don't put "firing flame special effect" that would be too epic, and this would cost tons of X-Crystals, I prefer just the "split colors" suggestion".
If clan levels is going to be added (clan stats) then some features of this would be locked until some levels are reached.
Note: I know the developers are busy with other stuff, this suggestion is for far updates, also please consider the idea could be implemented different, the point here is to view the main idea, the other stuff are just heads-up about how the idea could be developed further.

Thanks for reading!
The forum post for this http://en.forum.tankix.com/topic/1920-clan-colors-paint/

Couldn't you make this topic on the suggestion category? Why did you put this in bugs category when it's not a bug?

I thought I did put it on Ideas section, hmm, didn't mean to.

Ok, next time be carefull. Now only Shoaib can do something.


I think clan leaders shall be able to submit their own paints, which will get checked by staff and given to clan members for free, removed from the garage when someone leaves the clan