What are the circumstances for Gold Box?

aquarius7373 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 7

-Does the match need to be full? If not, is it possible for one to drop if I join a new match and NO ONE else joins? Has anyone seen this?

-What does "1 in 10,000" chance mean? Like, per second, per box drop, what?

-Does it drop more often on some maps more than others? I've seen it 6 times on Sandbox, but never on any other map.

-Does anyone have the drop locations for each map? Maybe we can start one and users can add to it?

I'm just having trouble finding any useful info on this game online anywhere besides these forums, and decided this is the best community to ask.



Whoops, just realized I posted this in Bugs, but it's not really an Idea either. Not sure where it should be moved.


Gold boxes, (I am pretty sure), drop whenever the battle fund shifts in a unique manner? No, it drops on every map and for the same reasons. Maps do not have to be full either. (My response is not 100% accurate but that is the best I got).


No, @person120, gold boxes drop in 1/10,000 seconds in a battle. And, yes, gold boxes can drop in a battle where you are the only person playing. And, the 1/10,000 ratio is now changed in TX to 3 or 5/10000, as far as to my knowledge.

Alright cool, thanks for the correction.

good to know, thanks


I just know they drop more than TO, also aquarius there's a question and answer section on the forums where this would be better answered.

ok, thanks, i'll check it out