New Weapon for Tanki in 2017 !

E_P_I_C 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 9

As you know, there will be a new weapon called "Rocket Launcher" coming out in the year of 2017 ! This weapon has been found as an Research and Development (R&D). The video below has been posted by me on my youtube channel "Radioactiv productions". Hope you enjoy and comment below for questions or comment !

Here is the video of the new prototype -->

It will be implemented in both games, he was just using TO as an example.

How do we know?

You're kidding, right? This is just an early April Fool's joke?

That looks like the most childish and ugliest thing I've seen suggested in here yet. I wouldn't drive around with that thing on top of my tank, even if it was implemented.

What does it do after it hits and bounces off the tank? I assume it is supposed to explode.

The rocket launcher is supposed to be added, (hopefully), and I highly doubt it will even look like that. (And try to be a bit nicer and not say it is super ugly and sorts, he made that prototype and even made an animation. It takes a while to make them).

Well, that was funny and interesting. :)

Hey, did you watch my "how to catch a gold box " video? It's hilarious ! :