Button to enter the garage inside the battle

ORION 3 years ago • updated by JefftheGunner187 3 years ago 1

The option we need now is the one that exists in tanki online. Being in the garage while we are still in the battle is essential. And since battles are separated by mastery, equipment that has lower mastery than the battle being played should be unavailable with a warning that the mastery (turret for example) is lower than the battle and can not Be equipped at the moment.

Another example: you enter in a mastery battle 6-10 and you want to equip the smoky but it is in the mastery 4, it should not be possible to use in the current battle. Is a solution to be able to add the garage button without interfering in the mastery of battles.

I agree and like if you enter a battle with mastery 10 hornet and mastery 2 railgun your hornet's mastery is temporarily decreased