I meet a bug in TankiX.It's about the upper limit players' number of a battlefield.

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Look at these pictures please!I see many battles that exceed the upper limit of the number of battlefield!Who can tell me why?

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An old bug seems to have returned, along with having to scroll through 20-30 or more battles to find one that's active, then it only has two or three players in it. The new Mastery level limits for entry into battles has made it more difficult to find battles to enter.

It looks to me like it's going one step forward, two steps back, and this close to Open Beta, but I'm confident that they will fix it by next week.


Have you counted them on the players list?

No but it looked like one team had 9

This picture shows the list of all players in battle. Its clear thaat there is 1 extra player.

Well,do you know the reason

Yes,I have done what you said.

Today, right now I found out the same bug.

well,I think it's unfair to players.


I saw it but I don't know why.


I am confused


I think it's unfair.And I want to know the reason why it could be like that.

I agree with you.


It was a rare bug but yesterday the players were more and battles were less, therefore this bug was increased and many players noticed it.

second this ^^

looks like:

wrong mastery mix turret / hull

change mix

all done :)

I had this bug, but I don't know whether to call this a bug. This only occurs when two people enter the battle at the exact same time, because once I was the extra player. And also more than two people may mean a bunch of people joined at the exact same time and created extra battle slots.

Also if players are still looking at the results screen and in the meanwhile others have joined in their battle, if they click continue they will still be joining into that battle even if it's full

Thanks god i thought i was the only one having that problem

I have encontered this problem as well:

When did you encounter this?

Developers are aware of the problem.

How does this bug happen? I'm curious.

This lag has Reported again. About two days ago, i was playing and this lag took place again. I joined the battle with spectator, and confirmed that there were 5 players in the Antaeus team. Unfortunately, i couldn't make a video, but fortunately i got a screenshot of it. :D I Did My work, Now your work starts, fix this thing please.


Just wanted to report, that despite matchmaking, this bug still exists.

Even worse, this can happen in the pre-battle lobby as well. I have no proof of this myself (yet), only heard it from another player.

If the most recent update (11.08.2017) was supposed to "...balance the teams in the pre-battle lobby (number of players, mastery, and rank), right before entering the battle.", then how is that possible?

Didn't manage to screenshot the lobby, but my username didn't show up in the two teams.
bug still exists