Stuck at a spectator mode alike view in Sandbox

SniperPower 3 years ago • updated by canadian_tank-tankix 3 years ago 8

So, when I entered the empty battle (and invited a friend in) I got stuck in a spectator mode like view, where I couldn't move anywhere, basically the whole game froze.

But I could chat and the back button (left-sided arrow) was highlighted.

Game log: https://goo.gl/6BysAi

I actually find this to be common but never reported it because i can never video it or whatever.
You can click the back arrow to escape then rejoin and you can spectate normal again.


Have you downloaded all the additional resources/data before joining the battle?

It happened to me too and right now second time. Also there are many other players facing this bug. It's not only in Sandbox, it is only Silence, West Prime also and maybe many more.

The Same is happening to me but the difference is that it is happening in every game

It should mostly happen in empty battles. To avoid this just goto the battle in which atleast 1 player has earned some score.