All tank light are not emitting

Gpo2001 3 years ago • updated by SaintNicolas (Moderator (RU)) 3 months ago 15

On every hull and turret none of the little lights are actually emitting light and looks "stale"

that's ok dude, I have the same problem. It's part of the update ! :D

Its a bug, definately. Theres no way devs would take away a feature we like

It would be cool though ...


Do they used to glow before the update?

Yes, Captain maxwell even made a complaint on the forums. And even if you remember that report about firebird making the lights glow to much you would know.

Are you in Maximum graphics mode?

Yes, and it starts from Medium+ i think

Are you talking about the little yellow things? Are you sure they are lights and not just reflective, or painted information stickers, or inserts? If you look closely at the blown up picture of the one on the side of the Railgun barrel, it looks to me to possibly have some sort of writing on it.

I don't ever recall those things being lit up.

There no question about it, watch any youtube video befor the update.

Ex: Gpo2001

Just for verification:

Yes they did glow


It's just a minor bug and will be fixed soon.

It's been two months, the bug makes the graphics way more dull, look how cool they were before with the glowing
Image result for tanki x gameplay

its been 2 and a half years, so called "soon".

well here we are...