The server time isn't starting - its still at 15mins and it has 12000 cry battle loot.

JoZi799 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 3 years ago 5

As you can see its really messed up.

Not sure if you can track the server battle down, but I'm still in it - if that helps.



I'm still on it. That 12856 crys are starting to tease me. Can't wait til someone replys

No one earns the crystals, they pretty much just kill the match. Don't waste your time on these


I have seen this many times, it is quite annoying that when I join a battle that never ends and I have such a good score. Hope this bug is fixed soon!

I've been in a few of these battles. With Tanki Online they would end with server reset, but I have no idea when that is for tanki X.


It is planned to be fixed. Please leave the battle if the timer gets stuck. There is no point to stay in such battle since you won't earn any crystals.