Loop Update

gearintellix 2 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 2

I run this game and seen updating bar is already up to 80% and then back to 0%
so repeatedly approximately 2x
after it appeared the error

before I ever update and without error like this
(Update 2017-10-19) and the update today there is a problem

Please help

=== And little idea of my ===
preferably algorithm for updating needs to be improved, since it takes quite a long time
I think the model is to read all the files from start to finish and check it on the server,

folders / files fetch -> send to the server to checking -> return a list of update -> download

I think it is not very effective,
what if the current update all the files and versions have entered the list and stored in a file,
so when the update just send that file,


Its not supposed to do that, and actually was a bug for some in earlier update, check your internet its usually the problem (for me at least). If not provide the game logs I guess


Is your system date and time correct?