Possible hacking or serious glitches

RunningGuineaPig 3 years ago • updated by Legend_Of_Railgun_XT 3 years ago 3

While on one of the 15 minute Rio DM sites yesterday, I noticed a couple of occurrences.

1) There were HUGE multicolored text items being used by certain players, (who shall remain nameless for the time being), when they were conversing using the chat function on the bottom left of the screen. Can anyone explain why?

2) On the same map, someone's Rico firing rate was as fast as a Vulcan Also, three players on the red team, (same nameless beings), were involved in some fun to watch "parkour", which is probably not built into the game. One player would be behind the small ramp on the hill side of the map, and the others would drive up the ramp and then be shot high into the air and land half way across the map. They would then return and go through the sequence again. The shooters Rail and other Rails had numerous (10-15) blue beams coming from their guns at one time. That made it somewhat difficult to avoid being destroyed.

Did anyone else experience or remember this?

Did we have some "helpful hackers", or was it software related problems?

They hack to show the devs that they need to improve there system, we don't only need to test the game for bugs, we need to help improve it.

I was one of the guys. Because he was not killing anyone, I joined in. He said it was a level 999 hack. This is the CBT so it also needs to be tested for hacks as well as same-old-same-old gameplay.