Armor power up not visible

RNGESUS_WITH_SKILL 3 years ago • updated by Gpo2001 3 years ago 3

For the armor power up, at long range when enemy is either facing towards or away from you, whether they have a power up equipped is completely hidden, since the extra visual is only on the sides. I feel this is important to the game play and even though this is not a bug, it would be helpful to introduce some kind of solution.

Some screenshots would be helpful.

What real difference would it make? If your opponent doesn't die when you fire at them, even if you have DD, and they kill you, even if you have DA, then they probably have DD and DA, and have a more upgraded set of equipment than you. That's life and death on the battlefield.

All I see from your statement is that if you knew they were armoured up, you would move on to an easier target, am I correct?

That would require a nice remodel/reanimation of every hull, how nice to the developers :\