Nerfing Turrets

JefftheGunner187 3 years ago • updated by Gpo2001 3 years ago 6

Iv'e been playing for a day now and iv'e noticed that firebird and freeze are popular turrets. These turrets have killed me over and over again and i'm starting to think that they should either:

A. They're Burn and Freeze (slowing effect) effects should be decreased

B. They should cost more to buy in the garage or

C.The damage should be decreased as the effects+damage= too much power.

So Tanki, take your pick

Since you only started a day ago, you have to realize that you are only using the basic equipment while playing against players who have probably upgraded their equipment, likely quite a bit, but have had it lowered to the maximum that the battle level allows. Then there is the fact that some of them were probably using Double Damage and Double Armour.

Read the Updates notifications in the Forum and you will see that there have been several "nerfs" done to both those weapons, so play a lot and upgrade your equipment so you can fair better in battles.

Firebird and freeze are very powerful at close ranges, that is how they are meant to be played. Whenever you see opponants using these turrets it is important to keep your distance(especially if you have a long/mid range turret.) If you keep your distance then you can never be killed, however firebird has the highest damage per second out of all the turrets (And freeze has a very similar damage output.) And that is most likely the reason why they seem so powerful to you. Just try to stay out of range

A good theory, but easier said as done. Guess what happens when they sneak up behind you from around a building, or someplace, or if they re spawn beside you or behind you? Quite often, bye,bye you, unless you can outrun them!!!!

*Sees firebird* *presses 2 3 4 and spams 5*

"I'm prepared" >:)

I see by the little >:) thing that this was probably said tongue in cheek, but explain to me how you get 2,3,4 to all work at the same time, (usually pressing one of them blacks out the others for a period of time), and what do you mean by "spams 5"? Obviously you use mines too, but it's harder to lay more than one mine now, with the reload time up to 40 seconds.

Haxing duh (i guess)