Player in minefield.

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I've encountered this player on the Iran map. I didn't see how he got there, but he shouldn't be out there behind the minefield, wright?

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Actually, anyone an go out that far, just if you go any farther than that you self-destruct.

In the map iran there are certain "Paths" you can take to get to the edges, if you find them then you can travel safely through the minefield and get to the buildings. So buildings only have a single path narrow path and others have a much wider one. But if you

go to far then you self destruct

Not a bug

He is probably using some kind of cheat, sorry, but we don't process such reports without video as a proof.

It's not a cheat, I've been there multiple times. There is a safe path through the minefield which allows you to get behind that building. If needed I could draw a map of all the paths I know(or film a video) but I personally really enjoyed discovering them with trial and error. I've spent 2-3 hours on Iran discovering them

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Sure, please provide a video and screenshot of the trail. We will look into it.

This is a photo I've drawn up, it is as accurate as I could make it. It'll take a while until I have a video but you can go to any Iran map and follow these routes to test it out for yourself


Colors= Safe path (I have been on every single of these routes)

Black= Minefield lines (Anywhere with a black line is somewhere where I have self-destructed before.

White= Unexplored area. (I have yet to go here, but I will in the future.)

Please note that you can reach every single building! I am certain the developers meant for it to be this way.

[Edit: Made small changes to the map]

Wow nice map!



Colors: Safe paths

Black: Minefield

I spent the past hour and a half checking the entire outskirts of the map, anywhere not in black *should* (Obviously I may have missed a couple spots) be safe to drive, I didn't color them in because one they didn't lead anywhere, and two if I did color them in, it would be hard to tell where the lines were on the actual Iran map. I hope someone will appreciate this map, it took a while to make!

Your map seems to be accurate, I went to some of the places you have marked such as this...

You can get in the water if you want as well. You can get completely submerged but don't go to deep in the water

oopsie, accidentally uploaded twice

This is a duplicate and it is thought to be intended, go here: http://echo.tankix.com/topics/4453-player-in-minefield/

Actually, I looked through that post and it was different. That player was in a place that was obviously the minefield. I got into a place where there were no signs, so that seemed like a map building error, not a cheating error to me.

Read the whole thing, someone made a map of all the places the mines are not. We predict that you should be able to reach every monument seen

Is this a feature that is supposed to be in the game for extra fun, or is it a bug?

Hi, (I'm the guy who drew the map.) I am very confident that this is supposed to be part of the game, as you can reach every building on the outskirts of the map, but can not safely drive through the minefield unless going to a building. Also hard to believe the developers left those gaps there on accident. That's why i'm certain that they are supposed to be in the game

That's what I thought, but thanks for the reply. I can't wait to buy shaft and find an OP camping spot on one of those buildings. :)

There is more than one on the Iran map, I'm a parkouring shaft and I get into the best spots all the time. lol

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Thank you for merging the two topics SHOAIB, I appreciate that you took my post seriously.


Thank you for taking the time to report such issues.

Go back to just before 3.07 and note the route he took to go in there. There are some very precise routes to follow to get to that spot and several others on the map. If you don't follow them exactly, well, you know the result several times over. LOL

Someone posted a map of these routes somewhere in here. See if you can find it, and good luck.

By the way, how did you get to show your fps in the green bar at the top? Someone was asking about that in the Forums, and I might be interested myself.

They are thought to be intentional, especially because you can reach every monument with a certain path.

I think I pressed F8 to show the FPS. In the Battles screen it also shows how many of your friends are on each map :P I found it on accident trying to figure out how to record with GeForce. I have F8 saved as Shift+Lclick on my mouse.

I knew the path he tried, but I knew I would die each time before getting there. I'll try it on an empty map if I can. I just kept running into the out-of-bounds area to show that you're not meant to go there for those that may not know. I had assumed there was a special circumstance allowing him to go through but haven't tested it exactly (exact location, activating armor when passing through, etc; many possible variables I guess).

Oh, very cool. Nice.

Ok, you were right. Easy to stay right on top of the hill. You can see my tracks.