Can you make a chrome OS version available?

eugene13 3 years ago • updated by Gpo2001 3 years ago 16

Make a chrome OS downloadable version so OS users can play tanki x like me. Please


I believe Chrome only supports apps from the google store and is more for web than anything else?

Well chrome odes support things from the web store but its ios supports a lot of other things too. but thank you for the response. They also made tanki online and that worked for chrome so i was wondering if they could make a version download or just a version for ios.

Thank you

So did the download version of Tanki Online work or just the browser? Because I know the browser version would definately work

It just works in your browser, it is just a icon that links you to the game, you can get it from the chrome store easily.

I could not find it in the webstore what is it called? Tanki X did not show any results.

lol, I thought you meant Tanki online, sorry

hey i just tried some other links in the forum and it said my device is currently not supported?

I have an acer chrombook i though it supposed to work on these?

I don't think chrome OS is supported at all, or if ever. Person120 was talking about the browser version of Tanki Online.

Well then they should make it supported i mean didnt they do that already for tanki online? cant they just do the same here too? and didnt it say CHROME BOOKS were supported too ????

Tanki Online was easily supported because it was browser based in flash. Tanki X is totally different, made in an actual game engine (Unity) it can not be run by a browser, which esentially Chrome OS is

(ಥ﹏ಥ) (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ WHY well thanks and if they do make it availible for chrome pls let me know. I recieve updates from here thnx.

But thank you anyway

Turns out that Chrome OS is a linux distribution, and you can install linux on a chromebook in some ways. Follow some tutorials. They will eventually will come out with the linux version, or just use WINE for it.


Sorry, there is no plan for it.

Unfortunately TX requires Unity Flash Player, although I would love to play TX on my chromebook at school. Even if they made a version for chrome OS, a chromebook just couldn't handle it. you would get low fps rate and high ping meaning a choppy image and more lags.

Yeah chrome just wasn't meant for gaming