Not a bug

Activating supplies while chat bar is open

bebo321 3 years ago • updated by Gpo2001 3 years ago 11

When you press T/Enter and open chat bar, pressing any keys for gameplay is disabled but there's a very small tick between pressing T/Enter and disabling the keys, thats why if I open chat and start writing I activate supplies by accident sometimes, I am not sure if that might be from just lag but I never lag unless its server-side.


Not a bug

You activated supply during the opening of the chat, that's all. It's not a bug.


Can you provide a screenshot for better understanding of the problem?

Right now I am having issue with connecting to servers, I am contacting the support team, when I can play I'll take screenshot but it really doesn't inform you much, to make my post simpler:

I still activate supplies even while typing although its only the first couple milliseconds of starting to type, in other words if you open chat bar and type right away you can activate supplies by pressing on any of the supplies keys on the keyboard, but thats only for the first millisecond of opening the chat bar, if you reread my post after this you'd get a clearer idea, sorry if I sounded complicated! Thanks for your support!

Under review

I'll check it. Thanks for reporting.


You actually see me do it accidentally in this video too


Gpo thanks for showing it, I hope they fix it, what recording software do you use :)?

I replied to the YouTube comment but I use Shadow Play by Nvidia, I'm not sure of it requires an Nvidia GeForce Graphics Card or not to install "GeForce Experience" which contains the recorder

I already have Nvidia GeForce graphic card and GeForce experience too, but I can't use Tanki x with it for some reason, tried to do the steps given in TX help site, but keeps saying failed to add, I don't really mind not playing with GeForce, my game still runs too smoothly, but features like ShadowPlay might change my opinion.

Nvidia doesn't recognize such game, you will need to use screen capture instead.

Your edit and using X's music, thats so cool! Thanks a bunch dude!!

I had tanki x open at the time actually lol. You can't tell in the video though

Not a bug

You activated supply during the opening of the chat, that's all. It's not a bug.