Self destruct bug mid game

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I was playing in massacre DM and was driving around when suddenly i self destructed without pressing anything that could have caused it to happen.This has occurred numerous times in the past on massacre.



It is either due to lag, or Anti-cheat false positive.

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I have the same problem on 2 maps (Rio and Iran). Spawn on the same point, after I been killed, my tank self-destructed. Its repeat randomly and I think its a bug. Could you fix the problem?


The bug is supposed to be fixed after today's update, however if you encounter it again, just report here.


Unfortunately the problem still persist. I self-destructed in the same place on the above-mentioned maps. Today, I saw how other players self-destructed exactly in the same place :( . Please, fix the problem.

Hi Shoaib, Thanks for fixing the self-destructing problem in Rio map. But, still have the problem on Iran map, when my tank appear in corner next to palm. please fix this issue. I think you make me to appear in Rio map a little bit in different place than before. If Yes, please, do the same thing in Iran map.

all the best.

Hi Smaug!
That bug has been reported. The developers are aware of it and it will be fixed sooner or later.

i have the same problem.

i was at the top of a high game and everytime i did a jump the landed i self destructed until i was at the bottem of the game. :'(

Please provide a few screenshots or video in such cases.

I just self destructed at this location fighting in silence DM

Top right says I self destructed^

Above is the location^

I can't tell with yours thats why, I did see it

i was just about to shoot someone and i self desctucted. :(

Yeah i just reported that type as a separate topic because your health bar still exists when you die

Iv'e looked through the posts on this forum and the moderator said this should have been fixed around two weeks ago. *at the time this was posted. I keep on self destructing, is this because you stood idle or if your in some awkward position on a map either way it's annoying. Please can this be fixed as soon as posible.

This has happened on pretty much every map i've played on.


It is either due to lag, or Anti-cheat false positive.

I'm having this problem on every map too. There have been multiple updates since a month ago I think that should have fixed this. I am uploading a video to Youtube right now.

I self destruct randomly, but between 5 to 30 seconds apart. Doesn't matter where I am on the map.

I just ran a speed test and I'm getting 205ms ping, 3.26Mb download and 0.99Mb upload. I suspect this is why. I'm waiting for Frontier to come out and fix my line and I will report back if the glitch persists.

I created your topic and updated it, next time please create a new topic.

This still happens. Mostly happens when I am holding a flag.

That is due to sudden lags.

my problem was bit different.my tank self-destructing during respawn. i found no reason till now

Repeated self-destructs in few seconds occur due to lag.
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