Found a hacker...

person120 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 3 years ago 11

Hello, I found a hacker by the nickname, "XtremeCode"

I have a couple screenshots of him using his jump/immortality hack.

I was talking to him and he said to me he is using a cheat tool called "cyber tanker v0.4"

I have another screenshot showing proof of what he said.

And also, please tell me if this hacker has been reported before, because I just cannot find a name anywhere else, just "hacker report" or other names without nicknames in the title.




User XtremeCode is blocked. Thanks for reporting!

Under review

Please provide a video next time you report a game violator/hacker.

Please explain to me, and everyone else for that matter, the reason for your blanket statement in all these "hacker" scenarios, "Please provide a video next time you report a game violator/hacker". Why is this necessary?

I don't see what a video will prove any more than the explicit screenshots shown, especially the one where he admits to doing so, and tells everyone what it is and where to find it.

Hopefully your "review" will conclude what I, and likely everyone else, will conclude, that this person is a hacker, and will be banned accordingly.

PS: I also encountered this person recently. The accompanying screenshot is not a "video", but hopefully it will help in your quest to decide if this person is a hacker, and should be banned.

There are protocols to follow and we simply can't ban without a solid and legit proof.
I have accepted this report, otherwise I wouldn't tag it "Under Review".

Ah, yes, we must follow our protocols!!!! I'm sorry, but I don't see how a video is any more "solid and legit proof" than these explicit screenshots and where the guy admits to being a hacker.

If the concern is that someone could have "reworked" the screenshots, then someone could also "rework" a video just as well.

Whatever the reasoning, hopefully we will not see this person in the game anymore.

Of course, they will probably just start a new profile under an new name and start all over again.

Nothing new since TO. I myself would prefer a video. I must say pictures are so much easier to edit then videos.

A video makes things look more believable for moderators and other people, especially in hacks that have to be recorded for you to see that if he is actually hacking, like speed hack, if a screenshot was taken of a speed hacker, the player would just look like another regular tank in a arena. In my case though it was a jump hacker, so I did not really have make a video because you can see him floating in mid-air in places that are impossible to be. And yes, a video can be edited, but it is a lot harder to edit a video that just a simple image. (Mine isn't fake though, I can assure you on that).

Hey, Person120, I'm totally on your side. I know it's harder to edit a video, although not impossible. The naysayers could argue that those could be screenshots of just anyone, not the particular person in question, because their name isn't showing, but mine shows his name, but to keep the thought going, someone could say I just added the name after the fact, yada, yada, yada.............. as it keeps going around in circles!!!

I, too, have seen this guy, and others in action, so I'm sure they are real.

It turns out, XTREMECODE is actually king dark, the guy who was banned a long time ago. He is the guy who is making the hack. Saw it on youtube.

Here is the video...

Please do not post youtube videos here, unless you are the owner of that video.

жалко что на английском потому что некоторые игроки не поймут


User XtremeCode is blocked. Thanks for reporting!