not LOADING initialisation bar

DIRECTRON-X3 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 18

Please provide more info on what you mean by "Not LOADING initialization bar"

Sir i mean my loading bar is not moving iam not entering my game


How fast is your internet and what are your pc specs? Did you try just letting it load for a while, if yes, then did it do anything, at all?


sir iam not getting in to my game

Under review

Please provide your game logs.

sir it was a bug it wore off days after i saw it happen.sorry for interruption anyway thanks for your help

i have detected a problem when i drive straight to a hull either the hull or my hull climbs over and distroys my tank please fix this

i will be researching to find more drawbacks of your game to make it easy and simpler to understand i hope you co-operate sir

sir i thought that you must include a feature where we can take screenshots of ingame battles and even record videos for a short time and they should be recorded in the tanki x folder dont you think?

i have a map to show you ill soon complete it would you make it as a part of some upcoming celebration?

sir can you change the speed of shooting of rikoshet and twins they have slow firing rate compared to TANKI ONLINE


If you found any more problems, please make a different topic about your issue.

How can i change my topic sir i would like to help find problems in your game i will help allways

Create a new topic the same way you created this one...

i have a map drawn ill show it to you in twitter could you create it like you created iran?