IRAN DM spawn glitch/bug

Levissio 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB 3 years ago 18

Was playing in Iran DM, and every time I spawned to the place which is shown in the screenshot, I got self-destructed. It happened 3-4 times.

I believe this is the blue base on CTF/TDM. Spawning point is near the tree.



Ill also add you self-destruct when using mammoth and spawning in Rio DM on the red base platform where the flag it. I think the walls and hull are not liking eachother

It will also self-destruct you with titan, not sure about any others


Was it happened only once? Did it happen again?

For me, mammoth on rio yes, dont know about the titan bug though.

Can you provide a screenshot?

Tomorrow I can assure you

Heres the rio one:

Sorry for any confusion, I mean't that you will self destruct with Titan and Mammoth on the spawn point in the screenshot above

Not a bug

Actually this is anti-cheat false positive. You must be lagging and the anti cheat caught you mistakenly.

Might be a problem with anti-cheat, however I highly suspect it happens because of a lag. I lag very rarely, and if I do - it's most likely because of the server - and when this happened I didn't notice any lag.

Though, lag or not, this should be fixed unless it is already. :)

Feel free to report if it happens again.

Alright, it happened again. As it can be seen from the video, it happens with Titan, but not with Hornet. I think Titan is too big hull that it spawns partly inside the wall, which doesn't happen with Hornet.

Video of it, first with Titan and then with Hornet.

It happens every time and i know i dont lag

Same problem with mammoth on Rio and Iran