Can't enter any battles

Neggrus 3 years ago • updated by tomx29 3 years ago 6

Not much to say, I press "play for red team" when the little icon shows that you can join, but it doesn't do anything. After clicking the icon, it goes to "unclickable" again and I can't even spectate the battle. I've tried TDM, DM and CTF, but none of them work.


I have this probelm, but i know only the servers shutting down, update comeing at midnight, and early morning. (sorry my bad english)

More information: https://www.facebook.com/PlayTankiX/?ref=ts&fref=ts

I hope my tip helped for you! :D


Have you downloaded the game data successfully?

I can't join no matter what, it worked yesturday...

Had this yesterdy, and after two restarts it worked. Now it started behaving the same again and nothing seems to change it (restart via "quit" button, Alt+F4, etc; switching turret/hull; restarting pc and router).

Just as I say it I switch equipment again and it works...