black screen when opening the game

ORION 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 36

Yesterday I was playing nornalmente, turned off the pc and now I am unable to open the game. screen appears written "connecting ..." and then immediately is a black screen displaying only the mouse cursor. You have any way to solve?


I have this problem too. :C

You solved?

No, i don't know how i can fix it. But, i hope the developers fix it soon. I can't play with this problem.. :'C

me neither! I would try to buy the XT today :(

Ohh, its cool, :) Good luck for it. :D

Add me on game after you opened it :D :D

Okay =D What your country?

Uow good! im from Brazil. when the game back online I add you = D


I've been having the same issue. It shows the "Connecting..." screen then fades to black.

yes this is exactly what happens to me.

Guys, the servers down now, the developers working on update. More information on Tanki X Facebook page! :) Good news! :)

Thank you for sharing it with us friend! it helped a lot! =D


That can't be the maintenance they are talking about, this is a different problem. The post says the maintenance will happen tomorrow 6:00pm-7:00pm CET. It is currently 10:41 PM CET, and since it was posted ~3 hours ago, when it would have been ~7:30 PM CET. the maintenance isn't scheduled for another 7 hours!

I think, the black screen problem is: the server shutting down.

Lots of people have this problem too.

truth! makes a lot of sense. and worst of all is that no one speaks about this problem, at least not so far. if someone solve or someone of staff of tanki x to speak, tell us


I have the same problem

hello ORION :) I too have the same problem and I was going to buy xt today Dx

please fix ass soon as possible D:

Yeah swag, XT <3 fix it team tanki x :x

hey ORION add me on normal tanki x :3 lets play

hey are u also getting drugs?

No bro but i need buy drugs too but not now... i need upgrade my rail and hornet m0 for m1 :/ but xt in first ;D | Play in TO? what your account? In english server?

my name on the english server is SWAGOVERLOAD86 but im banned form chat :((( and SWAGOVERLOAD86.2 add me :D

I've got this problem too...........

Update: The game said it was updating then once again the screen has gone black

please fix this!!!!!!!!!


Please provide your game logs along with some screenshots.

No more, the problem persists no longer. I do not have screenshots and log of my game is recent because formatted my computer and reinstalled the game, so probably my log is recent and does not contain the necessary information about the problem. If the problem re-surfaced, I collected all the necessary information for you. Thanks for support.

and I saw in Tanki X Developer's Diary # 14 you are aware of the problem.

i actually have that problem now.

yesterday everything worked normally.

reinstalling did not help.

There was an unscheduled maintenance. The game is up again now.

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