Not a bug

Tanki X Page "Unsafe Scripts"

Gpo2001 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 12

Every time I go to the Tanki X home page (https://tankix.com/en/) i see this:

And in the top right i can load these scripts to show the normal site but I have to do it everytime I go on and I havn't found any solutions to it.


Not a bug

It's a problem with your ISP.


I found this website that I think might help. I have tried this myself and it seems to work fine, just follow the tutorial for your browser.


If that doesn't work, do you have any extensions that you might think may be causing the problem?

Thanks, they need an acceptance button for normal comments

EDIT: I change my mind, on Win10 I have to like click OK on a dialog everytime i run it and I don't want to take any security risks. But thanks anyways

Not Its Your probleme just rejoin in it

God dangit Hardly i know that its on my side and rejoining does nothing I said that.

It's not only on your side, I used to have the same problem using my LINUX pc, (raspberry pi), but it worked fine.

Yeah i kinda noticed that. But I wonder what TX is doing that Chrome doesn't like

I think not all the scripts are completely secure, so it is not a complete https website.

Not a bug

It's a problem with your ISP.

Apologies for perusing the bugs, but this has nothing to do with your ISP. This is the browser doing exactly what it should do. To make a complex topic short, it's to be expected. Tanki-X's website doesn't require secure sockets layer (SSL) or https... try it without and that will go away.

In other words, make sure you're going to http://www.tankix.com/en/ and not https://www.tankix.com/en/. Always ensure you're using https when doing things like online banking, and authenticating to a website, the rest of the time it's not required.

Nerd stuff ahead: I imagine it's one of the tracking scripts (like a yandex.ru and/or cross-origin requests) that chrome and any other decent browser is complaining about. It's easy enough to fix, but again, https is not required for a website.

My apologies, it's not tracking scripts at all, you're pulling images via http and not https on the wordpress site that drives Tanki-X (see below). Easy enough to fix, but again, nothing to do with the ISP.

Oh nice... Thanks!