im_pro 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 4

the game gets lagged when the server or internet has up and downs what we want is a refreshing option to reload the same game where we r in

the actual system which u have is i anyone gets lagged for the few second leass than 1min they r not even given to stay as in tanki online for 5mins ,here in the tankix the lagger is pushed out of the battle which results in hatred against the game as he losses his time and crystalls

how many of u agree to have an refreshing option instead of report ot restart options

This should have been a suggestion, and I agree to an extent. I prefer that if you leave/kicked and the battle hasn't ended you can rejoin with the same score and all. I am still trying to find reasons this could possibly be unfair. I know its not what we are used to such as in TO, but right now I wouldn't mind getting kicked because there is only 15min battles and hopefully it wasn't a DM.


It will be implemented sooner or later.