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Well I have been experiencing lag . my tank takes 1 to 2 seconds to respond to my actions....and everything from pressing buttons and my tank revolving in the home(stage/page) everything is taking a little more time then it should . is this because i have not downloaded all the resources?(35/147)...pls help

Can You send Image/photo .

wait or see your grafic/

Well image of what? i am trying to send the video but i am not able to...as its asking for videos from youtube. I have set graphics level of the game to medium...it lags too muh on high and maximum and i am not satisfied with low...pls help


Please provide your system specifications.

Same here i use mac and experience tons of lag and i have all the resourses downloaded but in battle I have lots of lag can you help fix the mac user of safari and firefox for better gameplay experience thanks

What do you mean by Safari and Firefox, the game doesn't run on web-browser.