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CBT Rewards

CaptainItchyButt 3 years ago • updated by Cub 3 years ago 12

I have searched and read other posts about the CBQ rewards. I am having trouble as well and I understand that my email needed to be registered and that I needed to log in with my account when the OBT began. I am logged in with my account and I had verified my email, etc. I have and email that says the following:


Thank you for verifying your email address in Tanki X.

You have significantly boosted your account's security. The free in-game bonuses should be in your account right now.

Good luck in combat!

The problem is I don't have any in-game bonuses from the CBQ. It looks like I have done everything correctly. Can you please help me get the items from my participation in the closed beta?




Not a bug

If you didn't verify during the CBT, it means you are not considered as a CBT participant. Please read the terms of participation here:


Did you confirm your email adress during the CBT?

Yes I did. On July 20th.

Can you provide a screenshot of email showing the exact date of when you received it, the one you received during CBT

Here you go. Wasn't sure if the verification code is meaningful anymore but I blocked part of it just in case.

I am talking about the email you got after you entered the verification code.

Well, it seems I didn't get that email so maybe it's possible I never entered the code? I remember having trouble getting emails from Tanki X when I first joined the beta.

So, even IF the email wasn't confirmed using that code, it's pretty clear that the username is associated with my email address. Your database would have that information. If so, can you please have my account updated with the CBT rewards?

It seems that the system recognized me as a beta tester when I updated my email address for OBT because I received this email:

Not a bug

If you didn't verify during the CBT, it means you are not considered as a CBT participant. Please read the terms of participation here:

The bonuses this email mentions are 500 crystals for verifying the email address not the CBT rewards.

Yes, I get it. I keep seeing this told to many people that participated in Beta and missed the email confirmation. Why is it so difficult to check to see that the user accounts in the beta had the same email associated with them as they do in the OBT?

Whether or not the confirmation was completed properly, you have our email addresses on record and as long as that same email address is confirmed in the OBT that you have associated with the exact same account name from CBT, which will have an email address on it (confirmed or not), it should be sufficient evidence that this is the same account.

If the developers decide to give you the rewards, that would be unethical because based on the rules you are disqualified. So in short, never gonna happen...

You guys invited me to closed testing by emailing me at the SAME email account that I am now registered with in OBT with the SAME username. More reason that the OBT verification oversight should be just that, an oversight that can be corrected.

Unfortunately, all other Closed Beta Testers received their rewards. Including me. If you haven't, I am afraid you have not met the criteria. Note that you aren't suppose to re-register your account for the OBT. No exceptions will be made, if you still want to complain, contact tech-support. (You will most likely get the same answer, though.)