Picking up supplies

runningguineapig 3 years ago • updated by DatScreamer 3 years ago 5

I have noticed over the past two days that it is difficult to pick up supplies while travelling around the different maps. Sometimes they won't pick up no matter how many times I drive over them, some will pick up if I drive over them several times, and some will pick up the first time over them. I have noticed that others appear to have the same problem. Am I correct?

Another glitch that needs fixing before the game goes out to the masses.

For me, it takes a sec in side of the box before I pick it up.

It is not working during game play on mine while any power up is being used and/or waiting for reboot.. even when driving over or trying to manually activate..

It happensbto me all the time. I have to stop and run over the box several times till i pick it up

Happened to me sometimes but not always

It lags a bit for me.

By the way I was gone for a bit because I was programming a Minecraft server plugin.