Not a bug

No CBQ rewards for me :'(

Ender_Herobrine 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 3 years ago 5

i did all the tasks during the cbt and (1 hour of gameplay , 5 kills , verified email) , plus i got the silver badge "Beta Tester"

but when the obt started i created my account using the same email that i used for cbt , but when i logged in i didnt get any of rewards .

plz help and sry for being annoying

i dunno if i messed up something

The only rewards we have at the moment are the wallpapers and the 100 supplies, the rest will come later. :)

but i didn't get 100 suplies .

- I see your issue. You DON'T re-create your account. e.e - If you can't login on the client, login on the forum then the client. See if this works.

i messed up

i created a new account instead of using the cbt account

all i want now is my account to be wiped

so i can try the old one