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Problems with email confirmation code + sound

A-M-O-R-P-H-I-S 2 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 5

I'm having problems with getting a confirmation code for my email. First I got a code, I entered it correctly and it said the code is not correct. Then I asked for a new one (two times), and I didn't get any. Basically there is a blank space after Your new verification code: and there is no code. I have screenshot of the issue:

My other problem is with the sound. There is a continuous loud background noise, which is so loud I can barely hear what's happening in the battle. Like, if a tank would stand always near me continuously.


Hi there,

We tried to resend the code but the system could not find your nickname, which means that the process didn't went through. It would have been better if you would've addressed this issue back when the reservation was still open, cause now might be too late, i`m afraid.

We are going to check our options and let you know.

I just registered on that day, so I couldn't do anything earlier than that. Thanks anyway.

Can you guys delete my account then and I'll make a new one with the same name, starting everything over? Hopefully it will work then.

Sorry, we don't delete accounts. You can contact the customer support by issuing a ticket to solve your issue.