Double damage on ricochet Does not glow

person120 3 years ago • updated by Gpo2001 2 years ago 17

So, this is pretty much self-explanatory. It just does not glow, but sometimes it will, it's kind of an off-on bug.

I've had the same thing happen with Smoky. I don't know whether it is actually dealing double damage or not when it's not glowing.

Hmmmmm... haven't seen it, though dd on rail doesn't fade. I think that's known though.

That was going on way back in CBT, so I also suspect they know about it, and will fix it.

Well, it fades away, it just won't glow sometimes and sometimes it will, but it is always doing double damage.

The dd supply thing on smokey was fixed I think a very long time ago, because they have it on the "known issues" topic. They just never update it to be current.

yeah... now it's happening with rail. A bit annoying, though works with intimidating peeps.

What I forgot to mention is that as soon as double damage has ended, it glows red for a half-second and then it goes off.

I also forgot to mention, that it happens with smoky also...

Its still not fixed on Rico-II

In some cases none of the lights were on and in the other just the orange bulb that pops out doesn't

and actually doesnt work at all, and i know how to replicate it since i found it in CBT

Shoot while the animation plays causes it

another case:

Yep the bug is still there, also it happens to smoky too.

try using better graphics, same happened to both of my computers, it helped but not eliminated this problem, sometimes it's random (if rico with dd [it's id now] comes at me 'nothing matters, no id' and then i notice he had id

Its actually if you fire at the same time you get the DD, then it doesn't come on.