struck while intilization

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when i open the app it just connecting sometimes it opens and intilization but then it struck at a point and after some time it shows connection to server lost or an unexpected error has occured

vote for this topic if ur facing this issue this will help to convey this message to developers


Well, people already have posted similar topics to this already, so the developers probably already know.


I hope so.

Can someone from staff tell us are devs working on this?

+person120 ur game is working properly?? and people havenot posted this topic because this is new after the update and this might be a glitch or bug.


This is brobably their 1st thing in to do list... or if not, this should be.

yea , this should be ,i think they wanna realease a new update fixing this issue .

+person120 i know but in the new update open beta test this is not working .i am comfirming it is of net issue because is slow or its bug.

guys , who are seeing this please reply and vote . i really wanna play ;)


What are your specs? I just launched TX, for me it works perfectly fine.

windows 10 , 2 gb graphics amd , intel core i3 . ok


What graphics card? And how much RAM?


Hmmm. I'm not quite sure. Please do the net speed test then I can answer your original question.

Don't forget to close the browser, torrent and/or other internet heavy tasks first!

see my lap specs here full specs of my lap here.http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04807866


It doesn't matter what laptop you have, if you have that slow connection speed.

Try to disconnect from all other devices from your WiFi(phone,PC etc), I suggest to change the password maybe someone is stealing it. And try to sit right next to the WiFi then make another connection test, this should help!

yes , i also launched but it problem with server as in intialization at a point it struck and after sometime it just says connection to server lost , i wanna confirm is this net issue as my net is slow or bugs.

ping 353 ms ,0.39 mbps speed and 0.17 mbps upload speed is it okay for running


Well, I need to disappoint you :/. That internet speed is really slow.

If the ping is higher than 100 you will encounter lags, the optimal is 80 and below.

TX need a connection speed with at least 4Mbps.

yes , np as i hv used all the high speed data and on 1st it will again4 mbps and ping would be good


Ok good than its not the connection speed that's causing the problem.

Try reinstalling TX(here's a guide: http://echo.tankix.com/topics/1744-known-issues/)


I have ping 21ms . Download 4.08 mbps. Upload 2.67mbps

And I have infinite initializatiob


What's your specs?

+xenon my specs are ok for running tx after sometime ? http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04807866 see my specs here


Not your specs you already posted that 3times. It should be fine to run TX.

i just registered my acc today . xD


I don't know, I'm trying to figure it out why is this happening.

I think If it would be because of the servers everyone would have that bug. I can only assume its the connection speed being slow or the hardware specs being low.

yes , bugs also can be as so many people r on server.

I can run game with 1920 x 1200 max graphics. no broblem.

I still have same broblem.

I Think its tankix servers that have some broblems. maybe too many players.


Not the hardware nor the connection speed, interesting..

This will be a hard one for developers.

yes , i think its cause of large poulayion ,they need to make more servers

so now can u play


I always could. I only had one problem with the game since CBT, it didn't start 1-2days ago.

A few hours later there was an update and it was working fine, I also updated my drivers, I don't know if that solved it or not.

I got this broblem After open beta update btw

here also lag i need to reload to see any1 has replied or not i can just post

they need to make more servers so that there is no lag

i need to reload every minute to see comments it just show last comments , or i didnt show some comments

now its just showing server to connection lost in every 30 mins nearly .

and now an unexpected error has occured :(

what the hell to do now i just connected with fast net and still infinite intialization and now it is showing connection to server lost and an unexpected error has caused . guys plzzz vote


The game is downloading around 2 gb data.

This most probably isn't a bug more info in this topic http://echo.tankix.com/topics/2389-tanki-x-additional-data-download-problem/

how to download d files there is said remove all files from unity cache i removed i also live in india my net speed is also damn slow ru playing the game or not


Yes it started working when i left it as is, for around 1.5 hr.

after some time it just saying server to connection closed


Somewhere around this time i was given a play button saying i can enter the garage now, but the game still needs some data before i can battle. Keep actively pressing the redtart button when it comes. Also try not to use internet alongside the downloading

how do u left as its just showing connection to server lost

additional data is not now downloaded after obt update when it loads at intialization and getstruck i thought it is downloading but aftersometime it shows connection to server has lost


Restart, look at the logs i m 100% certain its downloading. The "AlternativeaPlatform_tankix" folder should be ~2.2 GB in size, if the downloading is complete

how much times i should restart when it shows server to connection lost

There should be a restart button available whenever there's an error. You'll have to stay vigilant and keep restarting until it finishes. When the "AlternativaPlatform_TankiX" folder is ~800 Mb in size it will give you a play button.

This connection lost problem is due to weak internet connection. Keep trying hard and you'll eventually load it.

now its not even showing initalization its just showing an unexpected error has occured. plz i download 545 data ,now what to do

So I should let game to load 1.5 hours?

No that depends upon your internet speed, mine was 512kbps.

yes got it satisfied thanks guys .i just reloaded and reloaded and downloaded all cache and i started playing sry for late reply thanks .

If you're still having this issue, try re-installing the client. If this doesn't work, a version run directly from your DESKTOP. (Installation Path) - Please continue further discussion here, http://echo.tankix.com/topics/3763-infinite-initialization/. Good luck!