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freeze bug

stonebridge 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 3 years ago 8

Hey, whenever the freeze attacked me last night , i self distract .. it also occurs with everyone on the game. some newbies thought it was just so powerfull , but i once had full health and i was one on one with him and it self destructs ... like 1o times and i dont have any footage or screenshots but i am sure some have had this issue aswell. Unless it was just my internet connnection doing it ?? is it possible? but i think it still should be investigated


Please provide a screenshot or video.


now you believe me ?

Under review

Thanks for the video.


hey , i got your evidence can u atleast tell me if your working on it or not its funny how u respond so fast when you have a question or you require some sort of proof but now that iv posted the proof , silent treatment ????

Well its still considered "started" i dont think he even has to respond now.

he started it before my video

I understand but either way this bug is going to be fixed and has been noticed

yeah , i know but its annoying . You get 5 kills then some freeze guy comes and clears your kils cause of self destruct .