login is not working

edelhauser 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB 3 years ago 10

my login is not working . after input of my Passwords the registration code is required again . This is obviously wrong and I do not come into play . Maybe I can get a new working code . Thank you very much.



everything worked. thank you


It's asking for your name reservation code sent to you by email after you reserved it, if you can't find it try to get it emailed to you again here: codes.tankionline.com

It worked! T(h)anks!

You need a nickname reservation code. If you don't have one, just use a username that no one has reserved.

You should look at the TX Developers Diary, the forum, and Tanki X's facebook page to be able to know more about what's going on (such as updates, contests, etc.).

I have a nickname , and with this also already played . The original code is not working . I have requested several times in the last two days another code . So far without success . My inbox remains empty .

You are sure you have right emai

Yes , the notifications from this forum arrive and the email verification has been done completely

Check your email's spam/junk folder.

Thank you so very much Ace_of_Sp4des!!!


everything worked. thank you