Not a bug

Multiple Help Site Accounts

Ace_of_Sp4des 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 3 years ago 4

After I put in my nickname reservation code in Tanki X, I have had two accounts on the help site. I can't access my old account (which as 7 topics) that I used during the CBT.

These accounts have/had the same username (Ace_of_Sp4des) and password.

Everyone else on the help site seems to have normal accounts, the same as before the in-game account wipe.

If this is not a bug/error, someone please explain to me why I can't access my old account in detail.

Current Account:

Old Account:

The exact same thing happened with me, be nice to know if this is intentional or a bug.


Have you by any chance changed your email address linked with your account?

I am using the same e-mail I have always used in the game. On the Help Site account, I wasn't able to enter an email address on my old accounts (a problem most, if not all people had some time ago).