Not a bug

Hey, the url changed!

501st_Commander 2 years ago • updated by Gpo2001 2 years ago 8

It looks like the URL for the Help site changed. Why?

I don't think the url changed

They switched domains, the site is hosted by UserEcho now.

Website was already hosted by UserEcho. It only provides hosted solutions.

This is not a bug. If you went on Facebook or the Forum, you would've noticed that they said that they changed it from help.tankix.com to echo.tankix.com.

they changed it to from help.tankix.com to echo.tankix.com because if u went to (and still go to) help.tankix.com u would not go to the tankix help page and instead go to something about nginx.

you see that nginx page because the helpsite was moved.

Is the forums still down or how do i get to that one?